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Our Impact

Huntsville Hospital Foundation donors transformed patient lives in 2023!

$6.8 million provided for hospital equipment & programs

Where your dollars made a difference ... 

Women & Children


Cardiology Services


Surgical Services


Emergency/Trauma Services


Madison Hospital


Other Departments


Patient/Employee Assistance




The Foundation maintains an endowment of approximately $37 million to meet the long-term needs of Huntsville and Madison Hospitals.


Making Miracles Happen

Invested $5.3 million+ in the Neonatal ICU since 2005, helping our smallest patients breathe, grow and thrive.

HH CT scanner

Improving patient wait times

Fully funded new $1.7 million cardiac CT scanner to reduce wait times from months to weeks

Canines for Coping

Providing puppy snuggles

Fully fund four professionally trained facility dogs that bring comfort and support to patients

Breast Centers

Empowering Better outcomes

Raised more than $6.6 million to equip our Breast Centers with the latest diagnostic technology, diagnosing breast cancer earlier and more accurately

Pediatrics Renovation

Transforming our hospitals

Fully funded a full renovation of the Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children Pediatrics Unit to brighten hospital stays

Patient & Employee Assistance

Lending a helping hand

Provided $419,229 in patient assistance in 2023, reducing barriers to care during cancer treatments

The Caring House

Showing we care

Helping children overcome loss thanks to Caring House grief support services

Pediatric Monitors

Transforming the patient experience

Breast Center patients will soon experience their annual mammogram with comfort and dignity thanks to new warm robes and facility upgrades

Fueling critical needs

Purchased both state-of-the-art Kids Care pediatric transport ambulances and the innovative equipment onboard

Madison C-arm machine

Making a difference in Madison

Fully funded new imaging C-arm machine for Madison Hospital