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Include Huntsville Hospital Foundation in your legacy plan, and we will match 10% of your future gift today!

How does it work?

Huntsville Hospital Foundation’s Legacy Challenge is a new way that you can make an impact on your community hospitals – both now and in the future. When you document a planned gift to Huntsville Hospital Foundation (HHF) during this special match campaign, HHF will match 10% of the value of your planned (future) gift with a donation today to benefit the hospital, department, or program of your choosing. The maximum match is $10,000.

Planned givers typically do not get to see the impact their gift has on the people they are helping. Through the Legacy Challenge, you will be able to see how your generosity makes a difference today. This planned gift will not affect your finances today, but will provide immediate support for one of our Madison County hospitals.


Accept the "Challenge" June 1 through September 30, 2023.
(or while match funds last)

To join this Challenge, simply make a planned gift and notify us of your intention by utilizing the Challenge Donor Documentation Form. Matching funds equal to 10% of your gift’s value (up to $10,000) will then be directed to the hospital, department, or program of your choice.

What types of planned gifts qualify for the match? Examples include:

  • A will or living trust which includes Huntsville Hospital Foundation bequest language
  • An IRA or retirement account which includes a distribution to Huntsville Hospital Foundation
  • A charitable trust that includes a distribution to Huntsville Hospital Foundation
  • Beneficiary designation (in whole or a percentage) of an existing life insurance policy to Huntsville Hospital Foundation, including the life insurance policy provided as part of the Huntsville Hospital Health System benefits package
  • Designation of remainder in donor advised funds to Huntsville Hospital Foundation

To learn more, contact:

Lynne Berry Vallely, HHF Planned Giving Officer   |   (256) 265-9271