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In memory of Mandakini Modi

In early 2023, Huntsville Hospital Foundation was contacted by the family of Mandakini Modi, who had served as a Huntsville Hospital Lab employee for more than 20 years, retiring in 2007. 

Mandakini's sister, Usha Doshi, and her daughters Sonya Boyapati and Tina Ehrig, told us that she believed in making the world a better place for current and future generations and that she had remembered Huntsville Hospital in her estate plan. They asked if there was a garden or peaceful, quiet area at the hospital where she could be honored.

There is only one garden area at the Huntsville Hospital campus -- a beautiful courtyard nestled in between Huntsville Hospital's Blackwell Medical Tower and the adjoining parking garage  It is a lovely green space that is a welcome respite for employees and patients alike. 

Mandakini’s family members chose to remember her by naming the fountain in the that garden in her memory. The Foundation honored her with a ceremony attended by Mandakini’s family, friends, co-workers, and Huntsville Hospital and Foundation administration. Her sister and daughters unveiled the plaque that recognizes this gift and naming.

Mandakini’s planned gift will provide health and healing for our community, plus countless employees and patients will enjoy respite in the peaceful space that honors her memory. Thank you to Manda's daughters, sister and grandchildren for honoring her with this special naming opportunity. It was our honor to be part of this tribute and to celebrate her life and legacy.

Usha Doshi, Tina Ehrig, Sonia Boyapati, Huntsville Hospital Health System CEO Jeff Samz, Huntsville Hospital President Tracy Doughty

We are grateful for Mandakini's gift and for the inspiration her life continues to provide. Her family provided us with this beautiful biography:

Mandakini Modi: Embracing the Spiritual Path
Introduction: Born on November 3, 1943 in Khambhat, India, Mandakini Modi’s evolution from her early pursuits to a life devoted to spirituality showcases her deep inner yearning for meaning, enlightenment, and connection.

Early Life and Pursuits: Mandakini was the daughter of Hasmukh and Harivadan Fadia. She had two brothers, Avinash and Prashant, and one sister, Usha. Mandakini's childhood experiences taught her independence. At an early age, Mandakini chose to stay in India while her family went to England to pursue her father’s business interests. Over the next five years, Mandakini lived with her Aunt and Grandmother learning how to manage her successes and carve her own path.

Difficult Years: Mandakini was married to Lalikant Modi, and moved to the United States in her 20’s. She lived in Sherwood Park, a neighborhood in Huntsville, Alabama where she met the friends that would be with her for her lifetime. Mandakini had two daughters, Sonia and Tina, who meant everything to her. After her divorce, she focused her energy on building and maintaining her relationships, both at work and personally. She worked at Huntsville Hospital in the microbiology lab for over 20 years, a time that was marked by both challenges and triumphs. Mandakini survived breast cancer twice, and suffered the loss of her youngest brother. Mandakini’s resilience kept her going, however, and she turned her attention to social causes and contributions.

Community and Commitment: Mandakini spent her free time volunteering at Help Line and AshaKiran. Both organizations focused on making life better for women. Mandakini was a resource for women who suffered from domestic violence, depression and anxiety. She counseled these young women during their time of need and was a pillar of strength for her community.

Finding Joy in Later Years: Mandakini was the proud grandmother of four grandchildren: Meera, Rohan, Uma, and Maya. She loved each uniquely, devoting herself to them individually and cultivating their talents. You often could find Mandakini creating art with her grandchildren, cooking Indian meals, going to ballet or baseball, and encouraging each of her grandchildren to grow and learn.

Inner Awakening and Spiritual Exploration: In 2008, Mandakini was introduced to her guru, Master Ching Hai, who triggered a profound inner awakening. She embarked on a spiritual journey that would ultimately redefine the very essence of her being. Mandakini had a life long and strong bond with her sister, Usha Doshi. They shared their spiritual quest for peace and fulfillment while also supporting one another in all ways.

Impact and Legacy: Mandakini's transformative spiritual journey ignited a wave of positive change in the lives of those she touched. Her children and grandchildren serve as a living legacy, and they will carry on her strength and resiliency in their lives. Mandakini has also left a legacy in her charitable contributions to those organizations that represent the change she wanted to see in the world.

Conclusion: Mandakini Modi's unwavering commitment to the pursuit of enlightenment serves as an inspiration for those seeking meaning beyond the material realm. Through her spiritual endeavors and her compassion for all, Mandakini's legacy continues to live in the hearts of her children, her grandchildren, and countless others who knew and loved her.