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Jane Price Booth Leaves a Legacy for Hospice Family Care

Jane Price Booth

In June of 2023, the Foundation received a generous, unexpected check from the estate of Jane Price Booth. After learning more about Jane's story and passions, the Foundation realized this gift was a testament to the caring and compassionate person Jane was throughout her life.

Jane Price Booth (1954 – 2021) was born in Russellville to Sam and Nova Estelle Price. She was educated in the Russellville public schools through her freshman year. The family moved to Athens in 1969 and then to Decatur in 1971. She graduated in 1972 from Austin High School in Decatur.

She attended Calhoun Community College and was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa national honor society. Her professional career included work in both administrative and pharmaceutical fields at ECM Hospital in Florence and Huntsville Hospital. She held positions as Sr. Pharmacy Technician, Buyer, and Departmental Secretary.

She later worked as both an Executive and Administrative Assistant in Hospital Administration at the former Medical Center/Humana Hospital in Huntsville before transferring to work in Civil Service for the Department of the Army at Redstone Arsenal and later to NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. She ended her career as a financial researcher/analyst and freelance writer.

Spirituality was an integral part of Jane’s life. She was a devout traditional Catholic and proud member of St. Benedict's Traditional Catholic Church in Lacey's Spring, Alabama. Her faith in God sustained her through good times and bad. Her favorite Bible verses were: II Corinthians 12:9-10, I Thessalonians 5:16-18 and II Timothy 1:7.

St. Benedict

Jane and Tom Booth

In 1989, Jane married Richard Thomas (Tom) Booth, an Air Force veteran. They would go on to enjoy 29 years of marriage. Within this time, Tom unfortunately developed Parkinson’s disease. He was hospitalized at Huntsville Hospital many times throughout his battle with the illness.

According to a friend, “Jane was so grateful for the kindness of the hospital staff and the care he received. She felt supported and listened to by his care team. She was devoted to Tom and his care but she was exhausted. When Tom was admitted to Huntsville Hospital, she had such confidence in the staff, she would go home and try to rest and leave him in their hands. That was big for her to let go and let hospital staff take care of him.” 

Tom eventually went to Tut Fann Veterans Home in Huntsville. There, Jane offered encouragement, compassion, and comfort not only to Tom, but to many through her writing, counsel, hands-on care, and prayers. She had always been a true patriot with a great love and respect for our country, our military, and our Veterans. But during this time, she became a passionate and effective advocate for Veterans and the elderly and for the reform of nursing homes. 

Tut Fan Veterans Home

After Tom’s death, Jane continued to visit patients at the Veterans Home. It was there she met Scott Williams, who worked at the facility and was, like Tom, an Air Force Veteran. They only had a few years together before Jane was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Scott and Jane were engaged when she passed away in 2021.

Jane cared deeply about the welfare of others. With her estate, she wanted to make a local impact. One of her bequests was to Huntsville Hospital Foundation for Hospice Family Care. According to Scott, her gift reflected her love of people and her desire to make a positive impact locally.

Jane will be remembered by her loved ones for her kind heart, her perseverance, and her caring and giving nature. Huntsville Hospital Foundation is grateful to Jane for her generous gift to Hospice Family Care that will help provide compassionate end-of-life care for those touched by illness, grief and loss.