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The Arts in Medicine program gives patients, families and staff an opportunity to engage with the arts through literary, performing and visual arts. The Arts in Medicine team creates fun, family-centered activities that help children and adults cope with their medical condition and hospital stay. This service is free of charge to all patients, and made possible by generous donations and grants to Huntsville Hospital Foundation.

Brightening hospital stays

Huntsville Hospital's Arts in Medicine program serves patients in Pediatrics and the St. Jude Affiliate Clinic, moms in the Antepartum Unit, and Oncology patients. But it also touches our entire hospital through murals, exhibits and an employee art show! 

How it helps: 

  • Increases patient's ability to cope with hospitalization

  • Enhances the hospital environment

  • Provides an opportunity to experience joy

  • Enhances patient's wellbeing and sense of control 

  • Increases both patient and employee satisfaction

"I loved having the opportunity to create while I was on bedrest. It gave me something to do while I waited for my son to be born." 

Antepartum patient