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Employees Show Their Love With Life Insurance

How one employee has chosen a simple but savvy way to provide a planned gift for Huntsville Hospital.

"Huntsville Hospital has always stood by its mission – to provide high-quality care that improves the health of those we serve. It was very easy for me to select Huntsville Hospital for my planned gift ..."

Linda Chester

Linda L. Chester, MSN, RN, is Family Practice Unit Director.

She has chosen a simple but savvy way to provide a planned gift for Huntsville Hospital.

Huntsville Hospital provides a life insurance policy as a benefit for its full-time employees. We hope and pray that none of these policies ever pays off. But if they do, who is the beneficiary (gets the money)? We encourage these employees to provide for their loved ones first.  But some, like Linda, also want to provide some funds for the hospital.


For Linda, nursing is her passion, and she feels like a gift to Huntsville Hospital is a special way of saying thank you.

“I was still a new nurse when I began my nursing career with Huntsville Hospital in January of 1989. HH has made me the nurse I am today through all the learning that I was exposed to, the individuals I was fortunate to work with as well as under, and the vast number of opportunities for growth that they afforded me,” Linda shared.

Please consider her example if you are thinking about making a planned gift. Beneficiary designations are the easiest and least expensive ways to make a planned gift. With the stroke of a pen and without changing your will, you can provide all or a percentage of a life insurance policy, retirement account (IRA, 401(k), etc.), bank account, or donor advised fund to Huntsville Hospital.