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Miracle Moment: Fred Wiersig

Fred "Now"

Fred "Then"

Fred "Now"

Fred "Now"

Started life small... but living life big!

Fred Wiersig was born 5.5 weeks early weighing 5 lbs 8 oz. He recieved care in the NICU 10 days. Fred is now 22 years old!

Tell us about your “now” photo and how your child is living life big!

Fred graduated this year with an ISE degree from UAH in May. Hard to believe 22 years on July 20th ago we were headed into the NICU. He is leading an amazing full life – will start his MBA in the Fall, and Systems Engineer at SAIC, owning his own business, Army National Guard Reserves - he never sits still. This Mom could not be prouder. Now Fred and I get to share milestone moments together at the Bash!

How did the NICU and Melissa’s Fund help ensure milestones like this were possible for your child and family? What does that mean to you?

My son was really a lucky baby in the NICU and we received great care with the equipment available in 2001. Even though Melissa’s Fund did not yet exist 21 years ago, our NICU was there to provide my son great care. Now, we have the opportunity to do so much more with generous donations through Melissa’s Fund.

What is a special fond/memory you have of your time in the NICU?

We had a team of great doctors and nurses. I especially appreciated Liz Behr one of our nurses. She was a calm and guiding voice during this chaotic and emotional time. All of the staff were amazing and instilled in me the strength I needed.

Why does your family support our NICU through Melissa's Fund and Miracle Bash?

I want other parents to have children they have prayed for, worked tirelessly to bring into this world and want to survive to be miracle babies as well.  Melissa’s Fund allows the NICU to continue to procure new equipment to dramatically change the level of care that is provided that would not be possible without these financial contributions. When the opportunity to become a hostess and volunteer with this event came along, I had no doubts that I was going to be able to help make a difference!