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Miracle Moment: Baileigh-Grace Zeanah

Baileigh-Grace "Now"

Baileigh-Grace "Then"

Started life small... but living life big!

Baileigh-Grace Zeanah was born at 28 weeks weighing 2 lbs 6 0z. She recieved care in the NICU for 69 days before going home on Mother's Day. She is now two years old!

Tell us about your “now” photo and how your child is living life big!

Baileigh Grace loves being outside. She loves to wear a necklace and she still likes her giant bows. She likes to explore to see what she finds. She likes to yell at the neighbors' dogs and duckiets at the pond behind our house. She loves to celebrate holidays and birthdays and calls it "her party." This has all been possible with the help of PT, OT and speech and she has now passed all her milestones and is no longer at an adjusted age. 

How did the NICU and Melissa’s Fund help ensure milestones like this were possible for your child and family? What does that mean to you?

The NICU helped her meet milestones by having the respiratory equipment she required, heat lamps for bath thime, equipment for two blood transfusions and the equipment to monitor her brain bleed. Most of all, they had the staff to make sure Baleigh Grace got the best care she need. They also gave me the best emotional support I needed as a single mom going through this. 

Why does your family support our NICU through Miracle Bash and Melissa’s Fund?

I support the NICU because of the nurses, doctors, respiratory therapist, speech therapist and physical therapist that have helped Baliegh-Grace grow and thrive at the most vulnerable timme of her life. Because of the NICU, I have a sweet, funny, sassy, loud, active two year old that I can't imagine life without!

What is a special/fond memory you have of your time in the NICU? 

When nurse Maggie A. let me hold her for the first time, and her first bow and outfit.