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Daisy P. Swinton Scholarship

Daisy P. Swinton served Huntsville Hospital patients for 40 years, working her way from housekeeping to ICU Nurse Manager. This scholarship was established to empower future nursing students to follow in Daisy’s footsteps of hard work and commitment as they work to realize their full potential and pursue their dreams.

A Trailblazing Legacy

Mrs. Daisy Pruitt Swinton's career began at Huntsville Hospital in 1957 when she was hired in housekeeping. She later pursued training and became a nurse's aide and then Licensed Practical Nurse. As an LPN, she continued to seek additional training, completing her Associate Degree in Nursing from Calhoun Community College and then receiving her Registered Nurse certification in 1975 – all while raising a family. Not long after, Mrs. Swinton transferred to caring for the critically ill in both Huntsville Hospital’s Medical and Surgical Intensive Care Units. She became the first African American to serve as an ICU Nurse Manager at Huntsville Hospital. This scholarship fund was established by her family in 2020 to continue Daisy's outstanding trailblazing legacy and to celebrate her passion for service and education.

Qualifications for application

Huntsville Hospital Employees:

  • Hospital staff members must be currently employed by Huntsville Hospital, on any of the hospital’s campuses, to be eligible for the scholarship.

  • Scholarship recipients must be in good employment standing at Huntsville Hospital. Attendance and disciplinary actions will be considered.

  • Scholarship recipients must have demonstrated exemplary service and patient care and be respected members of the hospital staff.

  • The Foundation assumes no responsibility for individual income tax liability resulting from this scholarship.

  • Prerequisite nursing.

High School or College-age Students:

  • Individuals at least 18-years old currently accepted and or enrolled in a nursing program at an accredited college or university.

  • When applicable, individual must be in good academic standing.

  • Individual must have demonstrated a desire to become a future nurse through extra-curricular activities, health activities, involvement in the community, and demonstrated leadership that testifies to that goal.

Applications for 2022 are currently closed.

Check back in March 2023 to apply.