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Chaplaincy Program

The Chaplaincy program meets the spiritual and emotional needs of our patients, staff members and families at Huntsville Hospital, Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children, and Hospice Family Care. The provision of spiritual care services is ecumenical and interfaith, respectful to all religious and spiritual preferences. We believe that faith can give a foundation from which people can find a sense of peace during a time of discouragement and strength in the midst of crisis.

Services include:

  • Rituals and sacraments according to different faith traditions

  • Grief and bereavement counseling

  • Conversation and prayers before and after surgery

  • Crisis intervention and conflict mediators

  • Spiritual and emotional support to patients, families and staff


Non-denominational chapels are located at Huntsville Hospital, Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children, Madison Hospital and the Hospice Family Care inpatient facility.

"The Chaplaincy Program allows me to help others in areas of their lives where spiritual care and support are greatly needed. In some of the most difficult times of a person's life – when they are sick, distressed or in their darkest hour – as chaplains, we have the opportunity to shine a light of hope through ministry of presence, scripture and prayer. I am thankful to be allowed to represent a higher power in the lives of those who are in need."

- Sharon Cunningham, Chaplaincy Manager