Named for the years in which Huntsville and Madison Hospitals were founded, Societies of 1895 & 2012 is a group of inspired visionaries and philanthropists supporting our community’s good health by investing in programs and critical needs of our not-for-profit hospital system.

Join this esteemed group of committed individuals who are making excellent patient care a priority in our community. Click here to give!

One-time or cumulative gifts of $5,000-$49,999 received during calendar year will be recognized for a year. Cumulative giving of $50,000 or more receives lifetime recognition through Societies of 1895 & 2012.

Annual recognition benefits:

  • Invitation to annual appreciation event

  • Recognition on Major Donor Wall at hospital

  • Recognition on HHF website, updated at end of each calendar year

  • Membership card that includes:
       - A 10% Cafeteria & Gift Shop discount
       - Valet & free parking in the Gallatin Street garage and free parking Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children West Lot

Lifetime membership benefits:

  • All annual membership benefits

  • Invitation to quarterly members-only events featuring noteworthy physician speakers, CEO updates, and hospital tours

  • Contingency Planning opportunities

Thank you to these donors for their generosity in 2020. 

Legacy Circle

$1 million and higher Outright or cumulative gifts – a lifetime membership
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sidney R. White, Sr.


$500,000 – $999,999 outright or cumulative gifts – a lifetime membership

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Blue

Dr. and Mrs. Hoyt A. Childs III

Dr. Carl A. Grote, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Jones, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Lowe

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Thurber

Chairman's Circle

$100,000 – $499,999 Outright or cumulative gifts – a lifetime membership

  • Drs. Aruna and Amit Arora

  • Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Bell

  • Dr. and Mrs. Chia-Hwa Chan

  • Dr. and Mrs. Subba Rao Chenumolu

  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Edwards

  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Finch, Jr.

  • Dr. and Mrs. Carl J. Gessler, Jr.

  • Dr. and Mrs. John T. Hartley III

  • Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Haws

  • Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Hill

  • Mr. and Mrs. Jack N. Johnson

  • Mrs. Shelby J. King

  • Ms. Anne H. Lanier

  • Mrs. Judith S. Maxwell

  • Mr. and Mrs. Foster O. McDonald

  • Anonymous

  • Mrs. and Mrs. William T. O'Meara

  • Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Palumbo

  • Mr. and Mrs. William N. Roark

  • Mr. and Mrs. John H. Shields II

  • Mrs. Mark C. Smith

  • Mr. and Mrs. David S. Spillers

  • Mr. William H. Stender, Jr.

  • Dr. and Mrs. Paul B. Tabereaux

  • Ms. Jean Wessel Templeton

  • Mrs. Sally M. Upchurch

  • Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan T. Whitcomb

  • Dr. and Mrs. Peter S.K. Yu

Foundation Fellows

$50,000 – $99,999 Outright or cumulative gifts – a lifetime membership

  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Akenhead
  • Mr. and Mrs. Angel Rey Almodóvar
  • Mrs. June J. Barber
  • Dr. and Mrs. Leon W. Bell III
  • Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Bentley, Jr.
  • Dr. and Mrs. John E. Burnett
  • Mr. Joe W. Campbell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Caprio
  • Drs. Jeanmarie and Robert Chappell
  • Mr. Robert E. Churchill
  • Dr. Fredric H. Clark
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Damson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Al Del Greco
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Fender
  • Mr. and Mrs. William L. Fleming
  • Mr. and Mrs. Derek Gottlieb
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Gray
  • Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Griggs
  • Mr. and Mrs. William B. Heyward, Jr.
  • Drs. Karen and Paul Israel
  • Mr. and Mrs. George M. Jones III
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eddie V. Joy
  • Dr. and Mrs. Prasada-Rao Kakani
  • Dr. and Mrs. Frank Joseph Kelly II
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Lee
  • Ms. Rose M. Lindsey
  • Dr. Ravindra Mailapur and Ms. Ana I. Guinea-Martin
  • Ms. Ellen P. Martin
  • Mr. and Mrs. George L. McCrary, Jr.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. McKenzie III
  • Dr. and Mrs. Greg V. Merijanian
  • Mrs. Ila S. Mitchum
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ben Moultrie
  • Dr. and Mrs. Rony J. Najjar
  • Mrs. and Mrs. Mark Powers
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Robertson
  • Dr. Helen M. Robinson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Samz
  • Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Sanders, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey E. Sapp, Jr.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Farin W. Smith
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Stephenson, Jr.
  • Drs. Isabella and Warren Strickland
  • Mr. and Mrs. John M. Tagg
  • Dr. Prasad Vankineni
  • Dr. Lowry R. Young, Jr.


$25,000 – $49,999 outright or cumulative gifts in calendar year

Dr. and Mrs. Rami Hawari

Dr. Joseph A. Pettus

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Runyan


$10,000 – $24,999 outright or cumulative gifts in calendar year

    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin T. Cobb

    Mr. and Mrs. John J. Defourneaux

    Mr. and Mrs. Joey L. Harbaugh

    Dr. and Mrs. Shaf B. Holden

    Mr. Bruce Imsand

    Mr. and Mrs. William H. Johnston, Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Mitchell

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Patterson

    Dr. Mark V. Sapp

    Dr. and Mrs. Val T. Sapra

    Ms. Amy L. Saunders

    Mr. Stephen H. Jones and Mrs. Sarah H. Savage-Jones

    Mrs. Donna M. Young


$5,000 – $9,999 outright or cumulative gifts in calendar year

    Dr. Paula Payton and Mr. Kevin P. Byrnes

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Childers

    Dr. Jennifer A. Cox and Mr. Gregory Hightower

    Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Duckett

    Dr. Elizabeth T. Falkenberg and Mr. Mark A. Falkenberg

    Mr. and Mrs. Wade Geiger

    Dr. and Mrs. James C. Gilbert

    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Griffith

    Mr. and Mrs. David A. King

    Mr. and Mrs. Jason D. Landers

    Mr. and Mrs. Rich McAdams

    Dr. and Mrs. Harry J. McCarty III

    Mr. and Mrs. H. Wayne McDonald

    Ms. Shirley Osieczanek

    Ms. Virginia Phillips

    Mr. Henry F. Ponder

    Dr. and Mrs. William J. Shergy

    Mrs. Kathleen M. Throckmorton

    Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph Vallely

    Mr. and Mrs. Myron R. Wilson

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Yokley

Friends of the Foundation

$1,000 – $4,999 outright or cumulative gifts in calendar year

    Ms. Alexis L. Abadie

    Mrs. Constance K. Adam

    Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Adams

    Ms. Bethany Aldredge

    Mr. and Mrs. Dan Aldridge

    Mr. John E. Allen

    Dr. and Mrs. Mathias W. Allen

    Ms. Andrea Alvarez

    Ms. Kimberly P. Anderson

    Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood H. Anderson

    Mrs. Ashlyn K. Andress

    Ms. Alison D. Andrews

    Mr. and Mrs. David Andrews


    Mr. and Mrs. Craig Armstrong

    Mr. and Mrs. Shawn A. Arrance

    Mrs. Rhonda K. Atchley

    Mr. and Mrs. Randall C. Bachmeyer

    Ms. Tammy L. Baer

    Ms. Julie D. Baggett

    Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Banks

    Dr. Jason T. Banks and Ms. April Ray

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barrie

    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Bartels

    Ms. Leslie P. Bastin

    Mr. and Mrs. William R. Batchelor

    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bates

    Dr. Phillip D. Bates, Jr.

    Mr. Curtis M. Benzle and Ms. Wendy S. Wilson

    Mr. and Mrs. Grant Bevel

    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Black

    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bolte

    Mr. and Mrs. E. Wayne Bonner

    Mr. Ron Bouganim

    Mr. and Mrs. Cameron B. Bramlett

    Dr. Jessica S. Branscome and Mr. Ewell C. Branscome

    Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Breland

    Mr. and Mrs. Bryan E. Brooks

    Mrs. Kay R. Brotherton

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Brown

    Mr. and Mrs. Blake Brown

    Mr. Michael L. Brown

    Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Brown

    Mr. Gregory Brunelle

    Mrs. Jennifer Brunsman

    Dr. Kyrel Buchanan and Mr. Justin K. Buchanan

    Mr. and Mrs. Phillip B. Buchmann

    Dr. and Mrs. Steven Buckley

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Burcham

    Mrs. Robbie B. Burlison

    Mr. Nelson Bush

    Mr. and Mrs. Danny C. Byrom

    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Calvert

    Mr. Lino B. Campos

    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cargile

    Mr. and Mrs. David Alan Carlisle

    Mr. and Mrs. Clay Carroll

    Dr. Margaret F. Carter and Mr. Fabian Ballard

    Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Jeffry Case

    Mr. and Mrs. Van G. Cathcart

    Ms. Sarah M. Certain

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Chappell

    Dr. Shi-Chi Cheng and Dr. Heejung V. Kang

    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Churchill

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Daniel Clapp

    Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Clark

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward Clark

    Dr. and Mrs. John A. Clark

    Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Clayton

    Mr. and Mrs. John Cline

    Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Coleman

    Mr. and Mrs. Clint S. Coleman

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Coley

    Dr. and Mrs. Lydell Collier

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Collins

    Dr. and Mrs. John R. Collins, Jr.

    Dr. Grant T. Anderson and Dr. Natalia C. Colorado

    Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Colquitt

    Ms. Tammy J. Colson

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Charles Combs

    Mr. Joseph B. Conner

    Drs. Theresa and Roger Coomer

    Ms. Shala Coots

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Corbett

    Mr. James R. Corn and Ms. Christine Copetas

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Cornelius

    Mr. David Cox

    Ms. Susan M. Cox

    Ms. Joycelyn Craighead

    Dr. and Mrs. W. Frank Crim

    Mr. and Mrs. David F. Crump

    Mr. and Ms. Daniel Cunningham

    Mrs. Paula P. Cushman

    Mr. Scott Brown and Ms. Mary M. Dang

    Ms. Elizabeth A. Daniel

    Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Davenport

    Mr. and Mrs. Larry P. Davenport

    Mr. Paul I. Davis

    Mrs. Sharon D. Davis

    Mr. Louis S. Davis

    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Davison

    Mr. and Mrs. Jerold J. Deener

    Mr. and Mrs. James Deming

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. DeNeefe

    Ms. Kimberly Doering

    Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Doughty

    Mrs. Joan G. Dowdle

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Drakey

    Mrs. Jeanette Duke

    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Dupree

    Dr. Meyer E. Dworsky and Ms. Revelle Gwyn

    Ms. Sheila R. Dyas

    Ms. Paula Ealy

    Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Eich

    Ms. Shannon D. Erwin

    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Esslinger

    Mr. and Mrs. James Falcon

    Mr. and Mrs. Garry Favor

    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fehrenbach

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Fender

    Dr. Alexandra U. Fetter-Zarzeka

    Dr. William E. Fialkowski

    Mr. Darrell Flores

    Ms. Jamie L. Flynt

    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Folks

    Ms. Susan D. Ford

    Mr. Ricky B. Garrison

    Mr. James Gates

    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. George

    Mr. Kevin George

    Dr. Richard Glaze

    Dr. and Mrs. John F. Gleason, Jr.

    Mr. Robert C. Glover II

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Goodman

    Dr. and Mrs. William H. Goodson, Jr.

    Ms. Ernestine C. Gordon

    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Graves

    Mr. and Mrs. Derek Gray

    Drs. Cara and John Greco

    Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Green

    Dr. and Mrs. R. Parker Griffith

    Mr. Charles D. Grote

    Mr. and Mrs. F. Hayward Gunnin

    Mr. Donald A. Gutknecht

    Mr. and Mrs. Matt Hammond

    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Hanback

    Mr. Phil Hancock

    Mrs. Tracy Haraway

    Mr. and Mrs. James Hargrove

    Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Harriman

    Ms. Donita M. Harwood

    Mr. David W. Hatchett

    Mr. Matt Hatfield

    Mrs. Kristin Haywood

    Mr. and Mrs. George M. Heeschen, Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Hefley

    Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Heinrich

    Mr. Donald Hendricks

    Mr. and Mrs. Josh Hendrickson

    Ms. Kimberly Hendrix

    Mr. Randall Henshaw

    Mr. and Mrs. Randall Henson

    Mr. and Mrs. Joshua K. Hewiett

    Ms. Nancy S. Hill

    Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Robbin Hodges

    Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Hoekenschnieder

    Mr. and Mrs. Howard Holliday

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Holloway

    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Holly

    Major General (ret) and Mrs. John W. Holly

    Mr. and Mrs. Troy Hopkins

    Mrs. Joanne F. Horn

    Mr. and Mrs. Rudy L. Hornsby

    Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Horton, Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Jon Howell

    Drs. Peggy and William Huddleston

    Dr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Hunt

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Huntley

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Ingram III

    Mr. Temitope Isibor

    Drs. Stephanie and Matthew Israel

    Ms. Cheri L. Jackson

    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Jackson

    Mr. and Mrs. John T. Jeffery

    Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Jeffries

    Mr. Dale Jobes

    Dr. and Mrs. Alex W. Johnson

    Dr. and Mrs. Darrin L. Johnson

    Mr. Art Johnson and Ms. Cynthia Stewart

    Mrs. Christie Jones

    Mr. and Mrs. George G. Jones

    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jordan

    Dr. and Mrs. Deepak Katyal

    Mr. and Mrs. James T. Kelly

    Dr. and Mrs. Claude L. Kinzer

    Dr. and Mrs. Tyler O. Kirby

    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Kliesner

    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Knothe

    Ms. Betty J. Kruse

    Ms. Sara Lail

    Mr. Darryl A. Lake

    Ms. Rita G. Lamar

    Dr. and Mrs. James Robert Lancaster

    Ms. Stacy L. Langford

    Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Lanier

    Mr. and Mrs. Bradley S. Lapidus

    Ms. Brooke Lawson

    Ms. Stacy M. Laymon

    Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Leberte

    Ms. Jade L. LeCroix

    Mr. Roy W. Ledbetter

    Mr. and Mrs. Ryan J. Letson

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Liesch

    Dr. Lindsay D. Limbaugh

    Dr. Kimberly L. Limbo and Mr. Ernest M. Limbo

    Ms. Karen P. Lingar

    LTG (ret) and Mrs. James M. Link

    Dr. and Mrs. Edward E. Litkenhous, Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Lloyd

    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Lochner

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Lockwood

    Dr. and Mrs. Peter C. Loux

    Mr. and Mrs. John D. Lovell

    Mrs. Janice Lowther

    Mr. Ian Lowther

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Ludwig

    Ms. Stacy Lukins

    Dr. and Mrs. William Scott Lynn

    Mrs. Ruth M. Mack

    Dr. and Mrs. Vinit K. Mahesh

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Manley

    Dr. and Mrs. James C. Mann

    Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Manning

    Dr. Brian N. Mathews

    Mrs. Catherine B. Matras

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mayes

    Mrs. Elizabeth B. McClard

    Ms. Stephanie L. McCrary

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. McDaniel

    Mr. Russ McDonald

    Mr. and Mrs. Nathan C. McGee

    Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. McGee

    Dr. James P. McGraw and Ms. Kristin Stitt

    Mr. and Mrs. James W. McKee

    Ms. Melody R. McKeel

    Ms. Marcy J. McKinley

    Mr. Glenn Meyer

    Mr. and Mrs. Bradley R. Miller

    Dr. and Mrs. Howard G. Miller

    Ms. Aidan O. Mills

    Mr. and Mrs. Blake B. Mitchell

    Dr. and Mrs. William N. Mitchell

    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Mitchell

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Mog

    Mr. John S. Monger

    BG (ret) and Mrs. Daniel L. Montgomery

    Ms. Rebecca E. Moore and Dr. Raechel A. Armstrong

    Dr. and Mrs. Lee D. Morris

    Mr. and Mrs. David Mosley

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mruz

    Mr. and Mrs. W. Gordon Murphree

    Mr. and Mrs. Ryan J. Murray

    Dr. and Mrs. Carl W. Myers

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Naumann

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Naumann

    Ms. Stacey Nelson

    Mr. and Mrs. William Neville

    Ms. Carron Newby

    Dr. Jennifer Nocito

    Mr. and Mrs. William H. Oliver

    Ms. Jean M Orr

    Mr. and Mrs. W. Craig Osborn

    Ms. Vicky Osborne

    Mr. and Mrs. Johnny V. Osborne

    Mr. and Mrs. Joey Palmer

    Mr. and Mrs. Garrett R. Parr

    Dr. and Mrs. Harold L. Pastrick

    Mr. and Mrs. Harshad P. Patel

    Mr. and Mrs. Doug Patterson

    Dr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Patz

    Dr. and Mrs. Brian D. Patz

    Mr. Charles R. Hicks and Mrs. Kathryn M. Perkins-Hicks

    Mr. and Mrs. William Perry

    Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Perry

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Peyton

    Dr. and Mrs. R. Macon Phillips, Jr.

    Mrs. Robin Phillips

    Mr. Keith Pomeroy

    Mr. Bradley G. Pounders

    Mr. and Mrs. Hayes E. Powers, Jr.

    Ms. Amanda Price

    Mr. and Mrs. Lewis C. Price

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Prout

    Ms. Janet Pruitt

    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Purdy

    Mr. Ruddie D. Putman

    Ms. Avani K. Reddy

    Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Reed

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Reiney

    Mr. and Mrs. David K. Richardson

    Mrs. Carey M. Robbins

    Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Roberts

    Mr. Jerry L. Robinson

    Mr. Scott H. Robinson

    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas R. Rockhill

    Mr. and Mrs. W. Stanley Rodgers

    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Rush

    Mr. John Ryan

    Ms. Patricia H. Ryan

    Dr. and Mrs. Jefferson B. Sabatini

    Mr. and Mrs. William W. Sammons

    Mr. and Mrs. Clay Sanders

    Mr. Robert F. Sapp

    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Scales

    Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Schmidt

    Mr. and Mrs. David P. Schmitt

    Dr. and Mrs. William J. Schneider

    Mr. and Mrs. Hans Schoff

    Dr. and Mrs. Brian M. Scholl

    Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Serio

    Drs. Libby and Craig Shadinger

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephan B. Siniard

    Dr. and Mrs. James M. Smelser

    Mr. Gregory L. Smith, Sr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Smith

    Dr. and Mrs. Jason T. Smith

    Mrs. Hayley Smith

    Mrs. Rosalie M. Smith

    Ms. Loretta P. Spencer

    Mr. Daniel P. Spengler

    Dr. N. Sherrie Squyres and Mr. Claude Snoddy

    Mr. and Mrs. Krishna Srikakolapu

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leslie Stamps

    Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie H. Stansell

    Mr. and Mrs. Roderic G. Steakley

    Mr. Bennett Steele

    Mr. Jeffrey N. Stephens

    Mr. and Mrs. Gaylon L. Stockman

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Stokes

    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Strickland

    Mr. and Mrs. Sean Stringer

    Ms. Amy Stuckey

    Mrs. Shirley H. Stucky

    Mr. and Mrs. Wes Stutts

    Mr. and Mrs. V.A. Sullivan

    Mr. and Mrs. George B. Summerville

    Dr. Douglas S. Sutherland

    Ms. Lucy E. Sutherland

    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Swafford

    Dr. and Mrs. Perry L. Swann

    Mr. Harry W. Swinton

    Mr. and Mrs. John B. Switzer

    Dr. Sandra M. Szabo

    Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Szymczyk

    Mrs. Maegan Talbert

    Mr. and Mrs. Brent Taylor

    Ms. Melissa M. Taylor

    Ms. Myra J. Thomas

    Mr. and Mrs. Taron K. Thorpe

    Mrs. and Mrs. Gregory E. Tilson

    Dr. Robert D. Tomalty

    Mr. and Mrs. John Troy

    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Tubbs

    Mr. Ryan Turner

    Mr. and Mrs. Tim Turner

    Ms. Sandra Turner

    Mrs. Ann G. Upchurch

    Mr. Mark L. Vance

    Dr. and Mrs. Tarak M. Vasavada

    Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Vaughn

    Drs. Aparna and Murthy Vuppala

    Mr. Lawrence Wade

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Wagner

    Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie K. Walden

    Dr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Waldrop

    Dr. Jeffrey A. Walker and Ms. Laura Ferguson

    Dr. Billy L. Walker

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Wall

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Walters

    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Walters

    Dr. and Mrs. Tony L. Weaver

    Ms. Dawn Webster

    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J.F. Weese

    Mr. and Mrs. Larry K. West

    Dr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Wester, Jr.

    Dr. and Mrs. Don A. Wheeler

    LTC (ret) and Mrs. Billy J. Whelchel

    Mr. and Mrs. Devin Whitaker

    Mr. and Mrs. Sidney R. White, Jr.

    Mrs. Peter Wick

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Wilbourn, Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Kerry H. Wilkerson

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Wilkinson

    Mr. Eli Willcockson

    Mrs. Blakeley Williams

    Mr. Luke Williams

    Mrs. Carmeleita E. Winburn

    Drs. Rosanne and Robert Winn

    Ms. Jenny T. Woolf

    Mrs. Linda Worley

    Mrs. Leigh A. Wright

    Mr. and Mrs. Merrill D. Wright

    Dr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Wu

    Dr. and Mrs. Roderick M. Zalamea

    Mr. and Mrs. Heath Zapf

Recognition levels reflect 2020 annual giving, and is updated each calendar year.

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