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Emma Cowan: a NICU Miracle!

Emma Cowan

Misty and Allen Cowan were expecting their little girl, Emma, on Oct. 23, 2013. On October 5, Misty had to have an emergency C-section after her water broke, causing a cord prolapse. Emma had gone a minimum of 30 minutes with no oxygen or blood supply, and was rushed to the Neonatal ICU at Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children.

Misty and Allen were initially told their daughter may not survive. A few days later, they found out she would survive but would have brain damage due to the lack of oxygen for such a long period of time. The extent of her brain damage wasn’t certain.

During her stay in the NICU, Emma successfully came off the ventilator, regulated her body temperature after being on a cooling blanket, provided by Huntsville Hospital Foundation, to prevent swelling and seizures, and had an MRI that came back normal, showing no physical signs of brain damage. The NICU doctors and nurses were pleasantly surprised by her improvement.

Emma was in the NICU for 20 days recovering from the traumatic delivery. She came off the feeding tube, and physical therapists taught her to take a bottle. Once she started gaining weight and taking full bottles, Misty and Allen were able to take her home.

Today Emma is eight months old. She is rolling over, babbling, eating by spoon, and laughing. Recently, her neurologist, Dr. Kimberly Limbo, determined that Emma no longer has to have regular check-ups. Her brain is physically growing on track, and she’s hitting all milestones on time if not early! Dr. Limbo strongly believes the cooling blanket treatment in the NICU played a huge role in Emma’s healing.

Misty says Emma’s recovery is a complete miracle. “The doctors, nurses, emergency transport team, therapists, and other staff saved my baby’s life. I will forever remember them and be grateful for what they do.”

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