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The Lifesaver Club Celebrates 25 Years

Lifesaver Club members since 1989 were honored at a special breakfast.

Lifesaver Club charter members since 1989 were honored at a special breakfast.

Each day hospitals are full of difficult situations and critical moments. Patients’ lives are saved and changed, and the men and women who work at Huntsville Hospital are a part of that. They are lifesavers devoted to excellent and compassionate care of patients. Huntsville Hospital is more than just a place to work—it is a family. In no way is this devotion more clearly demonstrated than through the Huntsville Hospital Lifesaver Club.

The Lifesaver Club gives employees the opportunity to support the programs and projects of Huntsville Hospital through charitable donations. Think of it as employees helping employees. Their gifts fund clinical programs and technology, and they provide financial assistance to fellow employees suffering financial hardships.

This year the Lifesaver Club celebrates its 25th anniversary. It has grown from 447 members to almost 4,700 and has raised more than $6 million. Sixty-three charter members from 1989 still give, and a few of them were asked to share their thoughts about this milestone:

“I am so proud of the work that the Lifesaver Club has done to contribute to our hospital, our employees and to the community. I am proud of the ICU Waiting Room that we helped build. To whom much is given, much is required.”
Charlotte Freeman, Patient Accounting

“We never dreamed that it would grow to the degree it has. I am thankful that we have such a good organization that employees can get behind and support with their dollars and efforts. To me, the Lifesaver Club is a perfect reflection of the hospital’s values in action. By participating and working together, our combined gifts do things that any one of us would be unable to do alone.”
Wendy Cantrell, Cardiovascular Service Line, first Lifesaver Club president

To celebrate this milestone, the Lifesaver Club Steering Committee, is hosting a “Party on the Lawn” for all hospital employees on Friday, April 25.  Highlights will include local food trucks, live music by Junctional Rhythm, and a music video contest.

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