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Last February marked a special milestone for the Worley family; it was Mike’s second anniversary as a cancer survivor.

Mike’s story began almost three years ago when he received a shocking diagnosis: multiple myeloma, or cancer of the blood. It’s typically a cancer diagnosed in older patients. But the test results were clear: at 47 years old Mike would soon be battling for his life. The cancer was already wreaking havoc on Mike’s body, deteriorating his bones and causing excruciating pain. His oncologist, Dr. Philip McGee, knew there was only one option for survival: a stem cell transplant.

The procedure uses a patient’s own healthy cells to target and destroy cancer cells. Not only is it the most aggressive form of cancer therapy available, but it’s also offered right here at Huntsville Hospital, less than 10 minutes from the Worleys’ home. Without a local stem cell transplant program, Mike would have had to travel two hours to undergo his transplant. And since the process essentially wipes out the immune system, he wouldn’t have been able to come home for nearly two months. The simple thought of being isolated from his family while facing one of the most challenging times in his life was unbearable. Thankfully, this was not the case.

With Huntsville Hospital nearby, Mike was able to receive treatment from the physician he trusted; at the hospital where he felt most comfortable; and where he could be surrounded by his loved ones. Mike knows the vital role his talented team of doctors and nurses played in his treatment. But he also know s that it’s because of generous contributions from people like you that he was able to access the best care, close to home.

In fact, it is only through charitable giving that Huntsville Hospital has been able to invest in much of the hospital’s advanced equipment, like the apheresis machine used to harvest healthy stem cells from Mike’s blood. So if you’ve ever wondered whether your gifts have made a difference, Mike Worley is living proof that they do. Thank you for your support!

Mike’s battle with cancer has ended but for other patients it is just beginning. Give today to continue to help us accomplish one simple goal: to deliver the best possible care, close to home.

Find out how you can help future patients like Mike here.



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